ECOLOGICAL HOUSE 170 – LIFE with NATURE (2007 Design Award – Belgrade Chamber of Commerce)

The theme of this project is a prefabricated, ecological, passive solar house, human’s attitude toward nature, our return to the forgotten values. The project is created to satisfy the one of the basic peoples desires for harmony with the principles of the healthy way of life (wholesomeness) in rural and semi-urban communities.

The aim was also to raise an objects that don’t disturb the global ecosystem in any way. Building industry has seriously damaged the ecological balance on Earth mostly because its economical system still ignores the fact that architecture interacts with nature, as it’s part. Lack of ecological awareness through the building process creates non-ecological structures of building industry which has a permanent negative influence on ecosystem.

This approach can’t contribute in resolving the present ecological problems. People and buildings they live in are inseparably connected with nature. It’s of huge importance in searching of architectural and urban strategies that communicate with nature. Sustainable architecture involves aesthetic, social, political, moral, and environmental values. The base of ecologically sustainable architecture is in understanding the interaction between the nature and the architecture.

That is why buildings need to be observed as an ecosystem that functions by the same rules as the ecosystems in nature. An integration of an architectural construction into natural environment, its adjustment with the principles of nature suppose to be an opportunity to recognize new environmental values, new aesthetic. This project is about a dwelling unit where it’s possible to save the energy. It’s advantage is in using the wood as the structural material.

This house has originated as an awakening of child`s dream of a tree house. This boyish dream is close to today`s man dream of escapade from ”machine for living” into nature, where he can find peace and sanctuary, stress relief, enjoy walking and other activities, in order to preserve health. This house is symbol of returning to forgotten values, and it`s main quality is ecological concept. It is answer on today`s man needs for returning to nature and cohere with it.

EKOLOŠKA KUĆA 170 – Život sa prirodom (nagrada za dizajn 2007 Privredna komora Beograda)

Ova kuća je nastala kao dejčiji san o kući na drvetu. Ovaj dečački san blizak je današnjem čovekovom snu bekstva iz “mašine za život” u prirodu, gdje može naći mir i utočište, oslobađanje od stresa, uživanje u šetnji i drugim aktivnostima, u cilju očuvanja zdravlja.

Ova kuća je simbol povratka zaboravljenim vrijednostima, a glavni kvalitet je ekološki koncept. To je odgovor na današnje potrebe ljudi za povratak prirodi i povezanost s njom.

zivot sa prirodom Rade Kosanovic